Create and Manage Your Next Books

 The most intuitive and practical author resource.

  • series overview
  • notes, for later
  • release schedule
  • Novel-A-Month sketch sheet
  • planning & plotting (or pantsing, with help)
  • and five book sections, which include:
  • an overview page
  • conflict worksheet
  • character management
  • systems & settings
  • 3-act worksheets

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Series Details  Overview

Reference the most important details easily, with all five books at a glance. Precise information at the tip of your fingers.

Character Management Rosters

Sort your characters with both primary and secondary roster sheets. Easily reference them as you're writing not only the rest of your story but future books as well.

Settings & Conflict Notes

Notate ideas or confirmed settings (time, geography, etc.) and work through conflict specs needed to achieve story development.

Three-Act                Work Sheets

Map your scenes into a fluid structure, so you can find what happened when and what supported what. Keep track of those Easter eggs you left behind for your readers.

Coming Soon to Online Retailers!

In 2023, a special edition was successfully launched on Kickstarter.

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