We know how much hard work, stress, love, and tears go into bringing a story to life. Writing isn't just a hobby; it's a passion. Authors easily spend hours working on a single story, pouring soul into their craft. We are dedicated to your work and give it the delicate care it needs to shine.


Edits are suggested using the Track Changes feature in Word and are left to the discretion of the author. Comments are notated on subjective changes so you don't lose your voice, and we use the Chicago Manual of Style and the Unabridged Merriam-Webster Dictionary to keep corrections consistent. We edit English manuscripts written by authors from the US, Canada, and the UK.


We look forward to helping you breathe life into your creativity!





The Stitches package offers three passes through your manuscript. The first is a read-through with feedback on overall content, like plot and character development. The second is the line and copy edit, treating sentence structure, creative content, style, and language. The third pass is the proofread, which is optional but done after the edit phase is completed and changes have been implemented into the manuscript.


*This package includes an edit of your blurb and author bio at no additional cost.

Office Visit

Editing: $50


The Office Visit is a retainer to reserve your editing date(s). It is applied as payment toward your final invoice but is non-refundable.

Tele-Plotting Visit

30 minutes: $45 | 1 hour: $80


Writing consultations can be over the phone or Google Meet. We can bounce ideas around or chat about outlining, your current draft, plot development, etc. This service is available to novice or veteran writers and provides help that varies to what is needed. This service is also useful for writers who have used any of our line/copy/content editing services and wish to discuss parts of the edit at length.


Minor: $50 | Medium: $100 | Major: $150


Resuscitation services may be required if the quantity of errors in your manuscript causes our corrective pace to slow beyond the expected window. Conditions that often incur Resuscitation include text that resembles AI-generated content or text that was translated into English, and in some cases, it can also include novice or first-draft writing. The scale suggested (minor, medium, or major) will depend on the density of errors and the length of your manuscript. If you add Resuscitation in advance by notifying us of AI-generated, translated, or underdeveloped content prior to submission, you'll receive a 5% credit toward this service.

Editors and proofreaders at Novel Nurse Editing do not use AI to edit your manuscripts. We are trained individuals with

years of experience who comb through and scan your stories ourselves. 

Story CPR

$8 per thousand words

  • Story CPR is a content edit, in which we comb through your manuscript, providing detailed feedback on your writing and recommendations on content throughout the story.


$10 per thousand words

  • Bandages package includes two passes, a copy edit and a proofread.
  • This package is limited to certain manuscripts with less than 15,000 words or manuscripts that have received Story CPR within 60 days.

Patient Rounds

$3 per thousand words*

  • Patient Rounds is a light proofread. We scan for typos as well as punctuation and minor grammatical errors in manuscripts that have already been line edited.
  • *This price is for manuscripts previously edited by us. Manuscripts edited elsewhere will be quoted upon request.

To book your editing date, contact us here or email Angie at angie@novelnurseediting.com.

Looking for a way to help your favorite author? We also offer gift certificates! Send me a message, and we'll get it arranged.

Note: We always work diligently and give our all to your manuscripts. That said, we are not perfect and cannot promise that we will be 100% without error. Please contact us if you are dissatisfied so both you and us are happy!