"Angie was perfect!! The service was more than what I desired, and the quality of work was superb! I would definitely use her again. Thank you for a great job."

-Dr. Jessica Kerzner

"I love that Angie is consistent as well as her way of making changes. You don’t feel as though your baby has been taken from you, rather it’s been loved on and adjusted to bring out your story. She summarizes her edits and tells you what parts move her and where you can make changes to strengthen it.”

-AJ Renee

"I love Miss Novel Nurse's way of editing. The things I love most are that she says why she edited a word or sentence a certain way, and she comments if something was funny or kept her on the edge of her seat. I recommend her to any author who wants to use an editor that gives you her special attention."

-Anke Van Zweel

"I needed someone who could go through my book and edit/copy edit to make it more readable. Novel Nurse did an awesome job and completed it within the time frame given. I will definitely use her again in the future."

-Dawn Hall

"I have had the pleasure of working with Angie many times. What sets her apart from others is her sunny disposition, great character, and dedication to her craft. She edits with precision, she is flexible to various writing styles, and she caters to you. As well as all of this, she has a great knowledge of variations between US and UK English and can edit both. I highly recommend you give her a try for your work! You won't be disappointed."

-Rebecca L. Garcia

"I loved working with Angie Wade—truly a gem of an editor for my starry story. She's professional, intuitive, remarkable, understanding, and helpful. Special thanks to her for the diamond-cut edits to make my book sparkle like a star. Thank you for being part of my journey and Alhumdulillah (thank-you, God) for sending me the right person to polish my extremely intimate and transformational story from trial to triumph."

-Huma Zuellah Ahmed

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Angie also does freelance editing for other clients and vendors outside of Novel Nurse. Below are a few of those works.

*All suggested edits are left to the discretion of the author.*