What level of editing do you do in a standard edit, the Stitches package?

  • The depth of the level of editing we will be able to accomplish in the time we have your manuscript is dependent upon the condition of the writing when it's submitted. If the manuscript has clearly not been worked through at all since it was written and it is riddled with errors, we're going to focus our time on ensuring it's clean of hard errors and obvious mistakes. If you spend the time to self-edit your manuscript(s) and there are less hard errors for us to correct, we'll be able to tend to soft errors and areas of possible content improvement. If you need help with this, we've got a few blog posts on common errors and how to fix them under Blog, Writing Tips in the main menu.

What is the difference between a copy edit and a line edit?

  • For the purposes of detailing what each editing package provides, we use the following description of a line edit versus a copy edit:
    • A line edit addresses your content, writing style, and general language use at both a sentence and paragraph level. Rather than addressing technical errors, it focuses on the way you communicate your story to readers. It ensures your words read clearly and fluidly, that the proper sense of setting and emotion is getting translated, and looks at your language being precise rather than general or vague.
    • A copy edit focuses on errors on a technical level. It ensures the writing is in accordance with industry standards. Here, that means according to the Chicago Manual of Style.

Are there any genres you do not edit?

  • We are not accepting manuscripts of non-fiction or poetry.

How does billing work?

  • Authors are asked to submit their manuscript three days before their scheduled start date, which is when I generate your invoice. Certain packages require complete payment up front, but standard editing requires half to be paid by your start date and the rest prior to receiving your edited manuscript back. Invoicing is done via PayPal.

How long does editing take?

  • It takes approximately two weeks for an edit between 40,000 to 75,000 words to be completed and sent back to the author. Shorter manuscripts could only take a week, and longer manuscripts may take more time. If you're unsure if the timing will work with your schedule, send me an email, and we'll see if we can get it sorted.
  • A proofread takes approximately half as long as an edit.

How quickly can I get on the schedule?

  • We work with books of all lengths and sometimes reschedules happen. If you're in a rush, we may be able to accommodate you. Just send us an email. To get your book on the schedule within 30 days is a $75 booking fee. If you need your manuscript completed sooner than projected turnaround times, rush fees can be discussed.