The Novel Nurse Communication Form helps us to alleviate time spent on administrative work so we can focus our time on your manuscripts. Below is a list of what you can use this form for.



Option 1: Tell us about the manuscript you just submitted.

If you are a new client and want to give us more information about your writing style or if you are submitting a new series or book and want to approach the editing differently than before, we have a few questions that will guide us in the right direction for your edit. We have general strategies we employ, so if you prefer a more organic experience, there is no need to fill this out. Submissions of this form are reviewed after the first read-through and before the line edit begins.


Option 2: Tell us about your release.

We want to share all of your releases on social media, but sometimes we miss one. Cleaning manuscripts takes priority when it comes to managing our time. If you wouldn't mind letting us know about them, you can do so here. The form is only one page.


Option 3: Give us feedback on our services.

Feedback is sometimes difficult to come by for professionals who provide a service. When a client is particularly upset or particularly happy about a certain outcome, we'll often hear about that. But if you have other particulars you want to share—things you like, things we should consider doing differently, etc.—there's a page included here for that too. There is an option to remain anonymous.