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The Writer's Planner - 2021 Undated

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The planner designed specifically for writers and indie authors.

Stop wasting planner space!


This 12-month calendar and workbook planner will keep track of plot ideas and help expand on them, have important expenses and revenues ready for tax season, and help writers stay organized in every aspect of their career, all in one spiral-bound notebook. It is undated, so you can start when you want, skip what you need, and finish when you're ready.


It's the only planner you will need for a full year. And it's not your average planner!

Self-Edit Mug

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The Self-Edit Mug is perfect for the author in your life! The mug itself is artisan handcrafted and holds 12 ounces of edit fuel.


Not only does it list steps for a solid self-edit, but it contains subtle written English reminders, like a comma before "then" when "and" isn't used, the proper use of you're, and a comma before nonrestrictive dependent clauses (like #6).


*Available with or without the editing fairy on the back.

I (heart) Indie Authors Swag Pack

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I (heart) Indie Author buttons are a favorite swag item at book signings and throughout the indie reader community!


This pack comes with three buttons (one in each color), a key chain, a magnet, and a shoelace charm (that you can tie to a ponytail elastic if you'd like). The key chain, magnet, and shoelace charm are random in color, but you will receive three different colors between the three items.